And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Matthew 21:22


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This web page has been created to share with the world the wonders of a little boy named Alexander Chad LaRue. At age 5, Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called medulloblastoma. Alex has been nothing but a trooper and fought a hard battle like the hero we all know he is. He is currently 10 years old and in his fourth battle with the dreaded disease of cancer.


Prayers for Alex…

Please put Alex and his family on your prayer chains, request prayer for him at your churches, and remember him when YOU talk to God. Please pray without ceasing that God be with Alex and this family each step of the way and that a cancer free future is near.


Who is Alex?

Alex was born in Crossville, Tennessee on July 15, 2002 weighing a whopping 10 lbs., 9 oz. He was a precious bundle of joy, perfect with ten little fingers
and ten little toes and a firm grip on the hearts of all that welcomed him into this big world.

Alex’s momma Darla (Gunter) Ardziejewski has been quite the trooper herself. At 24 years of age her world was turned upside down as the doctors said that dreaded word “Cancer”. Not something anyone is prepared to hear especially about their small son. At that age moms are suppose to be getting reports from kindergarten teachers. Little boys are suppose to be saying their ABC’s, tying their shoes, playing in mud holes, fishing, and playing with cars and trucks… not receiving doctors reports that include upcoming surgeries, chemo treatments, and medical plans of action. Alex’s dad Nathaniel LaRue is a truck driver and also resides in the Clarkrange area.

In 2010 Darla married Tom Ardziejewski, his love and support of both Alex and Darla filled a much needed void in their home. Tom, Darla and family reside in the Clarkrange area of Fentress County, Tn. Darla is a professional photographer whose work speaks for itself as she captures and saves precious memories for her clients. Tom is employed at Flowers Bakery in Crossville. Alex is doing a great job filling his new role as big brother since the birth of lil’ Vinnie. The family tries hard to keep things as normal as possible. Sometimes working around treatments, doctor visits, and all the duties that go with battling cancer turns their life upside down but they take it one day at a time.

Since his 2007 diagnosis… the road has been rocky. In 2010 his first relapse took place and then again in 2011 and 2012. In 2010 Alex underwent a stem cell transplant which was a whole battle on its own. The chemo therapy doses during the transplant where so strong that he had to take showers every six hours to keep it from burning his skin. Every round of treatment has seen its own unique difference, once he had an allergic reaction to antibiotics that caused him to breakout in a terrible rash. One thing that has been consistent with each battle has been Alex with his loving heart, positive little boy attitude, and pleasant, happy - day to day - actions. The treatment that Alex is currently undergoing will take approximately another year (through 2013).

Harley DavidsonAlex is a typical 10 year old boy, his favorite color is brown, and he likes Harley-Davidson and guitars. His “boy’s best friend” is a dog named Vega. After the grueling stem cell transplant he couldn’t wait to get home to Vega. As nice as it was to get to use the Hope Lodge as a “home away from home”, Alex was always ready to get back to his normal day to day living. He is a gaming pro and loves to watch movies, which comes in handy when sitting hours on end for chemo and other medical procedures. WWE wrestling is another favorite and he enjoys attending school (when able) at South Fentress Elementary in Clarkrange, Tennessee. He fits in well with his friends and the staff at school. They always look forward to him being in attendance.

It would take pages and pages to share all there is to tell about this little boy who is loved dearly by so many… please join us on facebook at Prayers for Alex and become a fan of our page. This is the best way to keep up with our day to day lives. It is the best way to see where we stand and to join this family in prayer.

How can you help?

First and foremost we ask you to remember to pray for the healing of Alex and all who battle with illnesses. Also remember the caregivers in your prayers that they find peace and comfort in their daily lives. Above all pray that God’s will be done and pray for acceptance of His will… even if it is not the heart’s desire. So often when talking to Darla, she will say “just please pray for Alex and we love you.” This family needs a world of support.

If you desire to do more

Donations may be made through PayPal (located to the left of this page). Alex loves to get cards/mail and a hot meal is even welcome when they are keeping the roads hot from Clarkrange, TN to Monroe Carroll’s Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. We have received an overwhelming amount of love and support from our family, friends and our community and can never thank everyone enough for the love.

SPECIAL NOTE.... while talking to Darla as this webpage was being prepared to publish. She made the following comment... "I personally would like to say that we are ever so greatful for all the overwhelming love and support we are still receiveing even though we have been doing this so long. It really amazes me."